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  •     In 2007,xinjiang sanbao industry group exported 4 set of cold-resistant low temperature drilling rig to Russian siberia tomsk area,(one was 5,000 meters mechanical chain drive low temperature drilling rig, three were 4000 meters mechanical chain drive low temperature drilling rig ). From exported rig to the debugging installment until the final normal well drilling work, sanbao accomplished a series of technical support and product service. In the installation process, according to the special geographical environment that oil field located in marshland area, uses helicopter to carry on the hoisting work, completed the installation of drilling rig in a very short time. It is very seldom in the domestic petroleum installment that in such special geographical environment,Use the helicopter carry on the hoisting work in the marshland area, use three layer log be used as the petroleum prospecting drilling rig basis. This act fully show xinjiang sanbao industry group’s strong technical strength in petroleum engineering equipment and the level of installation of drilling rig.

        In 2008,sanbao Exported 3 set 4000 meters alternate current frequency variable electric trailer-mounted drilling rig to “manzita petroleum & natural gas co .,ltd”” in Kazakhstan. the main virtue of this drilling rig are:

    1. This drilling rig is trailer-mounted alternate current frequency variable electric driven by electricity, the main part is composed by two transport unit, which can move derrick、winch、electrical motor、hydraulic station、air compressor etc. as a whole.

    2. The derrick adopted three pairs of telescopic frame, the base adopted parallelogram frame, The drilling rig used hydraulic cylinder to hoisting entirely.

    3. The electric driven system adopted advanced vector control digital frequency variable system, choice high speed broadband AC motor to realize gear winch Entire journey grade of stepless speed.

    4. MCC system adopted advanced intelligence soft-start system.

    5. The winch is single axle gear transmission structure which is very simple and stable. The main brake uses unilateral hydraulic disc brake. the auxiliary brake master motor dynamic braking. it control braking torque through frequency variable brake unit quantified control. it can realize tours the vehicle to release steadily, speed adjustable, zero speed hovering.

    6. This drilling rig can realize winch constant pressure automatic bit feed, it also can automatically control unstable running position.

    7. It can realize real-time monitoring and data record for the whole process of drilling operation.

    8. The rig Realize the gas, the electricity, the fluid control and the well drilling instrument integrated design and the driller intellectualized control through the PROFIBUS-DS main line and PLC. which provides a digitized, the informationization device management intellectualization platform for the well drilling technology.

        In 2006. to aim at the cold climate in Siberia region Russian , Xinjiang sanbao industry group cooperated with domestic manufactures of oil driller ,participated in R & D for Cold-resistant oil drilling rig which was suitable in -45℃.The cold-resistant drilling rig adopted Q345E base and derrick which was made by electric welded sheet.Used special low temperature fabrication processing to those drilling rig materials, select cold-resistant electric cable 、 hydraulic tube、pneumatic control valve、electrical apparatus element. Used new teleology and new material such as steam heat preservation and electric tracing, meet the strict requirement worked in cold temperature.

        In 2003,Xinjiang sanbao industry group set foot in the exploration and development of petroleum in Russian and Kazakhstan .In the same year, sanbao exported the truck-mounted drilling rig and oil drilling rig to Kazakhstan, cooperated with large-scale oil company on the teleology for oil exploration project , sent professionals and drilling crew worked together with the professionals of Kazakhstan on oil exploration in Aktyubinski ,Kazakhstan .Cooperator of Kazakhstan speak highly of the professional technical service and high degree oil exploration teleology of sanbao.

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